FC LLC is a counseling company with highly qualified staff in the field of education  abroad and events travel.

Our goal is to provide our clients with qualified service during the programs of international education and travel.

We guarantee to our partners professional cooperation and appreciate to establish long-term partnership with

providers from different countries.

Family Consulting team supports prospective clients with visa and travel arrangements, full and accurate information about the place of study and travel, costs for tuition, room and board , academic offerings. We provide assistance in pre-departure counseling  and guidance of clients in the place of study and travel.

You are always welcome at our office in the center of Moscow:

Glinischevskiy Lane 3,office 322 (nearby M.Chekhovskaya).

If you are interested in cooperating, please contact our staff

at fc2254469@gmail.com or info@familyconsulting.ru.

Directions to how to get FC office

From Chekhovskaya metro station (grey line)towards the “City Exit”sign two moving walks up, then turn right upstairs to the Exit, then turn right and walk down the street as far as the first crossroad further turn right to Bolshya Dmitrovka street and up the street to the Theater turn right behind the theater and up the Glinischevskiy Lane ,the second Entrance next to the restaurant with a “Notary Office Sign”,go up the second floor on the left.